Freelance Writing as a Work from Home Job

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Finding a work from home job can be difficult but not impossible. Consider doing freelance writing from home. The jobs are not high paying in the beginning but residuals can build up over time. You don’t even have to be an English professor to write articles. But you do need to have a desire to write and topics to write about. You can write about things you are knowledgable or passionate about like hobbies, relationships, or sports.  If you can do enough research, you can write on just about any subject you want that interests you.

In the beginning apply to write at places like,, yahoo, and other similar websites. The pay is not great but the experience is worth a lot. You can use your work on these sites to build your writing resume. Post a link to your writer’s profile from these sites on your resume as well. If you have been unemployed like I have been, you know how important it is to have a something to write down as your current job when you are job hunting. Employers want an explanation for times you were unemployed. Freelance writing will help you “fill the gaps” on your resume even if you don’t plan on it being your full time career.

After you have some published work and feel confident in yourself, you can begin to look for “bigger” jobs. A really good place to find work is on craigslist. I found one of my higher paying jobs there but just be careful of scams. You can also use sites like,, and other freelance sites.

Ebooks are easier than ever to write. You no longer need to have to have a publisher and you can submit directly to sites like and  Just go to their site and research their requirements prior to writing just to make sure you are familiar with their formatting. You  will need to come up with a cover for your ebook, however.  The book itself doesn’t necessarily have to be very long either. It is very important for your content to be good and especially the first chapter since this is often used as a free sample if people want to preview it prior to purchase.

Writing is obviously not for everyone but I do think with enough research and practice most people can write. It is definitely worth a try and you don’t have anything to lose. You may find out you love it and want to make it a career.


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