You may feel like the work at home career is alluding you and you don’t understand why.

 Here are some tips to help you to  achieve success in getting a work from home job.

1) Concentrate on your skills and abilities.  Your first step to success is to identify your skills, abilities, interests and passion. If you not good at selling dont look for a job in sales! You will be miserable.

2) Build your resume to reflect the job you seek and who you are. Think of your resume as you selling you!

3) If you lack some basic skills, take courses online. There are free courses for MS Office, Word Press, typing and many other subjects. The more you can add to your resume in these areas the better your resume will sell you.  Just google free E-courses. Read free e-books in the subjects you are interested in.

4) Network in places like linkedin, work at home forums, twitter, facebook and other social media. Make friends with those that work with the company or the field in which you want to work.  Join groups and ask questions!